terriwinston_smallerSan Francisco-based public radio station KALW 91.7 FM interviewed Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) founder Terri Winston to talk about the stereotypes associated with audio engineering.

“Girls are not socialized to be the gadget people,” she told KALW. “Just seeing them with a microphone is the most crazy empowering thing to witness. The amount of energy that comes out of that is better than caffeine. It’s incredible.”

Winston also said that music and sound are the perfect combination for getting women into subjects they might not approach by themselves.

“If we say we’re going to teach you math today or science, or the physics of sound, you know– they’re going to run for the hills,” she told the radio station. “But if we listen to this Rihanna song, and say ‘Let’s break it down.’  Then it’s like: ‘Oh, music is math. Hey, this is 4/4, this is how you count it.’”

Visit KALW.org to listen to the full interview, and don’t forget to visit the WAM’s website as well.