One of my 2018 New Year’s resolutions was to fill up my calendar with plans that I am truly passionate about. This means letting go of the old and allowing myself to jump into things that inspire and make me happy. Regardless of how scary it may feel to begin, the things that light your soul on fire will be worth the work in the end!

Whatever your 2018 goal is, here are 3 boss babe mottos to help you achieve it!  

#1 Work with people who support your vision. 

I spent 2017 figuring out who I am as a person, artist, and creative. Although I’m still looking to learn, evolve, and grow, if someone comes into the picture and wants to redraw it – I’ll have to step away.

Boss babe motto #1 is surrounding yourself with business partners who support your vision. These people will help you grow, instead of holding you back from who you are truly meant to be.


#2 Practice positivity!

In the music industry, whether it’s in business or on stage, creativity is key. Stress is scientifically proven to limit your creative abilities.

According to a study posted by Jennifer Hawthorne, humans on average have 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. What is significant about this number is that 80% of those thoughts are negative. WOW!

I find when I’m having a negative day, I am less motivated, inspired, and all around not in the mood to work on my dreams.

Boss babe motto #2 is to ditch negativity and practice positivity.

Here are some ways to do so!

  • Think of 3 things that make you awesome
  • Every time you have a negative thought, try switching it around and making it positive

(E.g. I don’t like how sound on that audio recording. But I understand that everybody (including Beyonce) has bad singing days and I’ll practice more for next time!)

  • Think of the things you’ve accomplished vs the things you haven’t

#3 Hyperfocus on that one thing! 

Do you ever feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin? Do you find months have gone by and it’s been hard to progress your goals?

Hyperfocusing on your passion is one of the main components to success. Whatever you are working towards, I encourage you to jump right in and focus on that one thing.

This may be harder for some than others, with work, relationships, or kids in the mix. But even with these factors, think of a couple other things you can let go that will free up more of your time.

Simplifying your life will help clear your mind so that you can fully dive into your 2018 goals.

The final boss babe motto: Make it simple, but significant.

Now go rock the rest of the week #bossbabe!