By Gabriella Steffenberg

Singer-songwriter and pianist Victoria Theodore is gearing up for center stage with the upcoming release of her debut album, Grateful. She recently released her first single titled “Human.”HUMAN-Sq-700x700

The track features lyrics with a strong, clear message: we are all the same. The verses walk through injustices faced by people of color, with the chorus reinforcing that we are often quick to judge and profile others, with the fact being that we are all indeed “Human.”

I represent your greatest fear, your terror. The monster you think you see ain’t real. I’m human… Just like the ones you love. No different… I’m no different from you.

– Victoria Theodore, “Human”

The message is especially prevalent now, when it seems as if every day there is a new victim taken by our current justice system. Theodore begs for peace, for tolerance, and for kindness, which is what many of us have found ourselves asking for as tensions continue to escalate in our country.

With her impressive musical background, Theodore has toured with the legendary Stevie Wonder, supporting him with background vocals in his band in 2007. But now it’s time for her work to speak for itself. Theodore is set to release her debut solo album, Grateful, on Sept. 1. For more information on Theodore, visit her official website Take a listen to her powerful piano ballad and debut single, “Human,” below.