By Myki Angeline

13151489_1557345397893027_7057044645833927951_nWomen have come a long way to prove their abilities and talent in the music industry.  Gender and race add to that struggle.  For female singer Bri Cowgill it is more than those identities combined.

Bri Cowgill was diagnosed with a unique disease at birth.  So unique she is the only one to have it.  “Brianna’s Disease” limits her mobility and breathing due to enlarged organs (“I really do have a big heart”, she jokes) and taut skin which causes her to limp and be in pain majority of the time.  But this doesn’t stop her from pursuing a career in music. She credits her parents who are musicians and have supported her journey from the very beginning. Her inspiration comes for artists like Sigur Ros, Pat Benatar, Halestorm, and Flyeaf. Cowgill states, “It’s a miracle I can even sing. My disability has never been an excuse for me to not doing anything musically. I do my best to give everyone a fantastic show for them to remember.”

Cowgill, who has performed live since she was a young teen has found her true identity with rock band, Beauty Is Betrayal which comprise of band members: Katie Hunt on Bass, Ryan Frost and Kenny on guitar, and Sam on drums. Formed in May 2015, they already have a string of performances and songs under their belt.  She describes BIB as referring to the false idea/view of what beauty is: “We shouldn’t be in love with our vanity, but be more in tune with our souls. That’s where you find true beauty, and that’s how you connect with others.” says Cowgill.

Their next show is with friends Burn Halo at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, California on Nov 26th.  To learn more about Bri Cowgill and Beauty Is Betrayal visit their Facebook page HERE.

They released the video for their latest single “Holy Water” which can be seen below!