Leslie Buttonow

If you’re a musician, YouTuber or presenter who uses an iPad® or other tablet during musical performances, talks or video shoots, you may have experienced the unsettling feeling that your device is going to fall, get bumped, or start to slip from a stand or mount. The affordable iKlip 3 series from IK Multimedia can help put those fears to rest by offering safe, secure support for a wide range of iPad/tablet sizes. It also offers a choice of mounting options for any scenario.

iKlip 3 is designed for microphone stand mounting and features a holding bracket with durable rubber pads and a spring mechanism for rotating devices up to 360°. You can choose to mount your device on the front, side, or boom arm of any mic stand, for perfect placement every time.

For video shoots, the iKlip 3 Video can mount any tablet onto your camera tripod. It offers the same universal tablet support and flexible viewing angle as iKlip 3, but it mounts to any standard UNC ¼” – 20 thread, which means it’ll work well with most camera tripods, monopods, etc.

If you frequently switch between scenarios, the iKlip 3 Deluxe will give you the ultimate flexibility. It offers five mounting options in a simplified setup: the mic stand mounting bracket with three position options, the tripod mount attachment, plus mounting directly on top of a mic stand or other standard UNC camera thread.

All models also feature:

  • Compatibility with any part of a pole up to 1.2” in diameter
  • Support for tablet screen sizes from 7” to 12.1” (with or without a case)
  • Fast installation and positioning
  • A ball & socket joint for a wide range of positions in landscape or portrait mode; works in tandem with the 360º mounting bracket for creating any viewing angle

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