By Myki Angeline

With the controversy over pop music’s overuse of synthesized sounds in mainstream music, instruments are still key components in song writing and composing. Even with the popularity of pedal looping which allows a single artist the ability to produce full band sound, the hard core musician knows the importance of drums, bass, and guitar.

Fortunately for women, we have companies like Fender and Daisy Rock Guitars innovating products geared specifically for the female guitarist.  As well as grass roots organizations like and Women’s Audio Mission who are dedicated to the education and advancement of women in music audio and production.

A recent topic of discussion has focused on the supposed decline of sales and use of the guitar which was published this summer by The Washington Post, NPR, and PBS. We at the WiMN disagree with that statement.  So does She Shreds magazine who published their article with a strong argument in favor of women, who incidentally are responsible for at least 50% of guitar sales world wide.

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