Following the conclusion of their successful summer Virtual Tour, Gritty in Pink has just launched their Gritty Rocks Live! Fall Virtual Tour, which includes a talented all-female lineup of musicians from across the country. In a time when performance opportunities are scarce, the tour will be streamed online every Tuesday, with IGTV episodes as well as Instagram Live fundraisers. Not only will artists be given a chance to connect to new audiences, but they get the opportunity to promote voter engagement leading up to the
2020 election.

Gritty in Pink was founded by Shiragirl (aka Shira Yevin)who has a legendary history of
breaking down barriers and carving out a space for women as creator of the Vans Warped Tour Shiragirl Stage, which showcased 300+ female musicians including Joan Jett and Paramore.

Gritty in Pink has also announced their partnership with iVoted, which is set to be the largest online music festival in the world. Its goal is to revolutionize voter engagement and registration leading up to election night, when the concerts will take place. In order to access the livestream, one must RSVP with photo evidence that they voted. Whether it’s a photo with their absentee ballot, polling location, or “I Voted” sticker, all count as admission to join; underage music enthusiasts can send proof of their future intention to vote. The partnership with iVoted will occur in conjunction with the GRL Fall Virtual Tour, which kicked off September 29. The fall tour will be focused on voter engagement and will hit 5 different cities across the country. Gritty in Pink is hoping to inspire their viewers to register to vote as the first two cities, Detroit, and Milwaukee, reside in swing states and all occur before the voter registration deadline. Then the tour will hit Portland, SoCal, and Baltimore/D.C..

During the livestreams, the artists will actively promote voter registration and turnout, leading up to the iVoted collaboration on November 3.

Along with iVoted, Gritty in Pink also has other partnerships with sponsors and charities, including Headcount, Keep a Breast, Fender, and Weedmaps. “HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy,” said Brittani Bacchus, an Artist Relations representative. “So it only makes sense that HeadCount and GRL have partnered on the GRL Fall Virtual Tour to help encourage voter registration! Meeting the fans where they are!”

Over 30 artists from all over the country are set to join the Gritty in Pink concert series this fall, including Rozzi, Crimson Apple, Tiny Jag, and more. Rozzi, one of the featured artists, will be performing on election night with iVoted and is more than excited for this opportunity to encourage young voters to participate. “I hope we inspire more people to vote,” she said. “To opt out of voting is to opt out of your future. It matters in every single election but no election is more important than this one. The world is a scary place right now and it is up to us to make it better – everyone MUST vote – bringing all their friends to do it with them!”

Tour Dates:
9/29 Detroit
10/6 Milwaukee
10/13 Portland
10/20 SoCal
10/27 Baltimore/D.C.
11/3 iVoted Election Day Live-stream