By Laura B. Whitmore

We’ve all been there. From blatant discrimination, to subtle conversation, women come face to face with challenging situations every day. In this lively panel noted female members of the music industry discuss the particular issues of the music biz and offer helpful ideas, tips and suggestions for addressing situations from tough confrontations to subtle everyday bias. This event is part of She Rocks Talks, a series of conversations about women in music that offers a variety of perspectives and helpful, actionable information. She Rocks Talks is produced by the Women’s International Music Network. Find out more at

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Our panel includes:

Moderator: Laura B. Whitmore
Founder of the Women’s International Music Network, Journalist, Singer/Songwriter, speaker and music industry marketer

Asha Pieper
Asha composes adult contemporary pop, encompassing jazz harmony, soulful vocals, and adventurous musical textures. The result is a cinematic aesthetic with surprise twists in arrangement and instrumentation. Combining classical orchestration with contemporary verse, she melds a world wrought of sincerity and complex musicality. Her first commercial EP is slated for release in 2018.

Erika Lewis
Erika Lewis is the co-founder of E.Z.Mo Breezy, LLC, the entertainment production company behind “Grits & Biscuits: A Dirty South Set”. G&B is a nationwide celebration of the southern experience through urban music and cultural connections. In addition to her nightlife endeavors, Erika serves as the VP of Culture & Marketing in Live Nation’s Media and Sponsorship group. In her role, she supports the development of Live Nation’s cultural marketing and industry engagements. Previously, she worked at Viacom and BBDO, servicing major brands, like General Motors and GE, in understanding and connecting with various audiences. Erika is a seasoned strategic marketing professional with years of experience in the entertainment, nonprofit and advertising industries. She is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina, a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University (BA, Communications) and a member of the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business class of 2008 (MBA).

Ariel Hyatt
Ariel Hyatt has been a fierce entrepreneur for more than 20 years and runs Cyber PR, a dynamic social media & content strategy firm based in New York City. Her agency places clients on blogs & podcasts, establishes their brands, and advises on how to create online influence. She has spoken in 12 countries to over 100,000 creative entrepreneurs, and is the author of four books on social media, including Cyber for Musicians and Music Success in 9 Weeks, which have both hit number one on Amazon. Her newest book is Crowdstart: The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful and Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign.