The Rock N’ Love event has been launched in support of the revolutionary Black Lives Matter movement we are seeing all over the world. Envisioned by Latin singer-songwriter Luciana Garcia, this unique online event will feature collaborations with black musical artists, promote black-owned businesses, and provide calls to actions from some of the leaders on the front lines of this movement. The aim is to show the beauty in diversity and unite in one musical voice against racism. Artists will be featured from all around the world, standing in solidarity, telling a global story of race. 

All participants will provide pre-taped videos of their performances. The tentative date for the streaming of the full event is Friday, August 14th, 2020

This event is an out-and-out non profit event, meant to raise awareness and support the shared experience of Black and Brown people everywhere. 


  • Open call to artists, black owned businesses & organizers interested in participating
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Videoographer/Video Editor 

DEADLINE for Submissions is July 18, 2020. Send your submissions to:

About Luciana García

Luciana Garcia is an Empowerment Modern Rock singer, songwriter and performer who is from Chile and based in Los Angeles, California. Her Latin origin and her love for rock are intertwined in her music. Her debut single “21st Century Baby” has a strong and clear message: no matter your gender, we all have the same rights and opportunities. Versatility, strength and a powerful message are the valuable contributions of this emerging artist to the Rock music scene. 

Visit her website at: