By Pauline France

Prince’s new band, 3rd Eye Girl,  a trio made up of three talented ladies, recently sat with UT San Diego to talk about how they came to be and how they were personally handpicked by Prince after he discovered two of the members via the Internet.

Drummer Hannah Ford and bassist Ida Nielsen were both contacted by Prince’s manager, who told them Prince had seen their videos on YouTube.

“I have no clue what YouTube video of my playing he saw,” Ford told UT San Diego. “I haven’t even thought to ask. But I’m super thankful he saw me.”

Shortly thereafter, Prince asked Ford and her husband, Joshua Welton, to help him find a guitarist, and they found Canadian guitarist Donna Grantis via YouTube.

The WiMN also plays a special role in Prince’s crew. After performing extensive research online, Grantis found guitar tech Christina Hudson via the WiMN’s Front & Center column, and brought her on board to be the band’s tech.

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