Nikitaa Puts Cheeky New Spin on “Peter Pan”

Mumbai-born, LA-based Nikitaa’s new single is a witty, catchy diss track to all the boys who refuse to grow up.

Songs evoking the Peter Pan story usually wistfully sing of being a kid again, or feeling like a misfit in the real world, a la Ruth B.’s lovely hit “Lost Boy”. Nikitaa turns this trope on its head in a sassy, powerful takedown of the immaturity that comes with ‘never growing up’. In Nikitaa’s world, Captain Hook is the real catch; he is, as they sneer, “at least…a grown man”.

I almost feel like this needs a disclaimer; as a fellow kid who always was drawn more to the Phantom of the Opera vs Raul and was especially taken with the Once Upon a Time show’s version of Captain Hook/Killian Jones, this is my JAM. Apologists for the mysterious anti-hero, unite! Even so, lovers of the more traditional Peter Pan narrative will find fun in their take on these archetypes and the lyrical cleverness throughout. The production is slick and fun, with a bass you FEEL and plenty of playful textures throughout building an immersive energy.

Nikitaa’s Indian classical music background is very present here and informs these melodies beautifully; overall, this influence makes their self-named ‘Goddess Pop’ music a refreshing addition to the pop music of today, and huge fun to listen to. Music nerds like myself can keep an ear out for when they subtly stretch the limits of western musical modes, like in the haunting ending of the bridge.

“Peter Pan” is out today, and I’ll be listening for all of it. Stream it HERE.

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