Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose hits the road with new solo album Gardenview

Beginning this Friday September 30 with a host of stops spanning the US, the Berkeley-based singer-songwriter will perform songs from her “beautiful, vintage” (NPR’s Guy Raz) new solo album Gardenview, along with a handful of French tunes that have quickly become Pomplamoose fan-favorites. The eight-date tour will highlight the sonic strangeness and unpredictable lyrical twists and turns on Gardenview as Nataly transcends genre with a vast array of musical forms: high-spirited folk hymns,McCartney-esque pop symphonies, and indie-rock-infused retellings of ancient Taoist fables.

At times rock-filled and indeed, McCartney-esque with the track “Every Second Day”, and at others impossibly delicate with turns like “Waking Up” and “Over the Moon”, Gardenview is a dreamy and thoughtful piece of art. The music sparkles with beauty and a relaxed yet vibrant energy, while Dawn’s tender vocals and chord choices infuse it with a bit of bittersweetness. This Californian is finding it pairing perfectly with the start of Fall; it’s a sunny drive before heading home to nest down for the colder weather, cozy and freeing all at once. If this sounds like I’m describing a wine, it’s only appropriate, as this is the kind of music that engages all your senses and offers a full experience of the artist’s vision.

I can only imagine the show will be just as lovely and creatively bursting as the album; don’t miss this stop when Nataly Dawn comes through your area.

Get tickets for Nataly Dawn’s Gardenview tour:

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