The 2-day online event is free to the public

These masterclasses are for beginners focusing on music production, recording, mixing, and artist self-management, as well as networking opportunities.

The journey of an independent artist can often be a lonely one in which it is difficult to know exactly how to move forward to give your music the best chance of success. During these times it can feel like you’re working hard doing something you love but not moving any further towards your audience or your goals.

This is why the team at MPW have put together this 2-day virtual event full of masterclasses and networking opportunities so that you can begin to build the music career of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to learn how to produce, improve your vocal production, or build your fanbase as an artist, we have a range of teachers covering all of these topics and more. Space is limited. Those interested in taking part can register at: Women in Music Tech Summit.

Founded by Xylo Aria, Music Production for Women (MPW) is a learning platform designed to empower independent female and non-binary artists in the production and tech space. Xylo Aria leads the summit, with instructors engineer Marcela Rada (Abbey Road, AIR Studios in London), producer/songwriter/vocalist Seids, and engineer/songwriter/producer Becki Whitton (Rolling Stock Recording Rooms, Melbourne, Australia).

About MPW: Music Production for Women was started with the hope to encourage and empower more women in the field of music production and technology, areas in which women are currently heavily under-represented.

Their aim is to give female musicians the skills necessary to take on the music industry with confidence and to help and guide them through every step of the process through providing education, community support, visible role models and encouragement.