A California wife and mother of four, known as Mommy Rapper is releasing her rap EP Clean Rap Vol. 1 on Mother’s Day (May 8) to inspire moms and families during the Covid-19 quarantine. The EP contains three new tracks, and previous 2019 single, “I’m Boss”. The album was produced at music studio Omina Labs in Sacramento, and her new music video “Mutha” contains a compilation of some of the best Mom Tik-Tok videos.

Other rappers run the streets,

me, I run the house

If you think of talkin back to me,

you better watch your mouth

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Mommy Rapper recognizes all the moms who are working tirelessly to provide for their families during this global pandemic. At a time when moms are pushed to work from home, home school their children and keep the family afloat, this Sacramento mom is offering hope to others. Her mission is to create clean rap songs for families that contain uplifting messages with tracks “I’m Boss”, “Mutha”, “No More” and “Little Girl”. Clean Rap Vol. 1 contains dance-worthy rap songs, each with empowering messages for mothers, women and children. She has previously released 5 singles and re-created clean versions of famous rap songs, like Cardi B’s “I Like It”, which include her family in the videos.

“My song ‘Mutha’ illustrates the life of mothers, the many hats we wear, our value in society and how we need to support each other. The song breaks the stereotypes associated with moms that we wear sweats and don’t have much to add to the conversation,” says Mommy Rapper.

With her Tik-tok style beat & compilations, “Little Girl” empowers young girls to stand up for themselves and keep their head up even when they have it rough in life. “No More” is for people who want to change their life but find themselves stuck in old ways and habits. Finally “I’m Boss” empowers mothers to build their dream and make sure their kids know that mommy’s the Boss, and not the other way around.

Mommy Rapper writes, records and produces clean rap songs at Sacramento music studio Omina Labs, who’s artists include T.I, Mozzy, E40, Diamond Dez, Sage The Gemini and other accomplished rappers. She’s the first professional rap artist who’s building a brand that targets both women and children. Her mission began when she realized she couldn’t play commercial rap music in front of her four daughters, without explicit lyrics about drugs, alcohol, clubs, sex and demeaning messages about women. 

Visit www.mommyrapper.com for more info!