Meet GLO, the Queer Nuyorican DJ who shared with FemWINism on what inspires her:

“…the journey towards self-love. The journey of re-membering and re-learning. I find absolute joy in seeing, hearing, feeling and being a part of this sense of release an freedom created on dance floors.

Having a part in creating spaces where music, sound and movement are opportunities for self-expression. When I lock eyes with a sister or brother on the dance floor and exchange smiles vs. the question, ‘what are you looking at?’ I do it because of comments like, ‘wow – I’ve never seen a woman DJ’, and for opportunities to select bangerz by women artists that we don’t typically hear on commercial radio or in clubs.

Representation is KEY and if I’m given the platform and opportunity to represent self, I want to stand tall, confident, and in ALL the self-love while remaining humble, teachable, and approachable.  Honor self, honor others, work from within, love yourself, give thanks always.  The Universe will serve what you’re ready for.”

You can listen to her music on Soundcloud: glo_thealchemist