Malina Moye Asks The Question, ‘Are You Okay?’ In Her New Music Video F.I.N.E.

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Malina Moye has released her contemporary blues rock opus F.I.N.E. (F*d Up, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotionally unstable), the second single from her brand-new album Dirty which dropped Friday, March 17.

The unique track is an instrumental ode to American history, harkening back to 1777 when the iconic flag first made its appearance. The music video was directed by filmmaker Marc Fusco and depicts Malina taking the viewer on a contemporary visual journey of America through her playing. The song was written and performed by Moye and produced by Bjorn ‘Polarbear’ Soderberg (Kendrick Lamar, NEYO, Nikki Sixx) as well as Moye.

“My father Would always ask me how I am doing and I would always say, ‘oh, I’m fine,’” explains Moye. “He would then reply with ‘I see that you are still f*d up, insecure, neurotic, and emotionally unstable.’ I thought it was a funny acronym, but I quickly realized there is truth to it.

I believe we all have to be a little dysfunctional in order to survive and no one is perfect. So, I wanted to play a song that reflected the emotional roller coaster ride that is America—the good and the bad, and honestly the world. We just lived through a global pandemic and the entire world stopped. So really, are we okay?”

The imagery in the video from the American flag to the durag (doo-rag) on Moye’s head reflects the change from female slaves wearing hair wraps through the centuries up do today, where those wraps have become fashion statements outside the house.

“In the past, slave’ head-wraps were signs of poverty and subordination. For this video, I wanted to show respect, beauty, confidence, and regality,” describes Moye.

“The jewelry and the blue jean colors are also reflections of our cultural differences, yet the colors fit together so well, as do we, the United States. We are all different and that’s our superpower—the people and the cultures that make us incredible.”

Director Marc Fusco utilizes imagery and vignettes from America’s Southwest through the fly- over states to the Brooklyn projects, all while showing a range of ethnicities to portray the broad cultural flavor of America.

“Malina is one of the world’s great contemporary musicians and her melodies are so incredibly inviting,” states Fusco. “She always conjures poignant stories in her songs, even in a gushing instrumental like F.I.N.E. Malina is a true artist and I wanted the imagery to depict snap shots of America that tell the story from her point of view. We want you, the viewer, to actually feel something after you watch.”

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