On Wednesday, July 7th, The Women’s International Music Network met with SHIRAGIRL on Instagram live! SHIRAGIRL is a Punk Rock artist and the founder of Gritty in Pink, a community for women to Rock out and expand within the genre!

The conversation was led by Luciana Garcia around SHIRAGIRL’s driving force, musical voice and what community building really means. Shira opened up about her experience in Warped Tour and what lead her to create Gritty In Pink, as well as her love for heavy music. What a rockin’ woman!

Currently, Gritty In Pink is touring the East Coast! SHIRAGIRL, Miss Gibson Girl, Alex Windsor and many other phenomenal women can be caught on the stages of their events. We appreciate these spaces tremendously, and cannot wait for the bright future of SHIRAGIRL and Gritty In Pink have ahead!

See full interview here: Live on Instagram with Shiragirl!

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