This week’s podcast episode for LIVE: Front & Center welcomes Tammy Mitchell-Woods, professional drummer, and champion for women drummers everywhere! Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tammy runs the successful Drummergirls United Organization and Facebook Group. Tammy talks with WiMN host Myki Angeline about her journey into the drumming industry, what sets her Facebook group apart from other groups, and how she perseveres through a debilitating illness.
Tammy is officially endorsed by the following companies: Heartbeat Cymbals, Sledgepad, Remo Drum Heads, The Drum Wallet, Welch Tuning System Drums, Big Fat Snare Drum Company, No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves, Kick Strap, and CooperGroove Drum sticks.
Women who are interested in joining the Drummergirls United Facebook page can reach out to Tammy here.
Visit her YouTube channel here. Tammy tries out WTS Drums at NAMM 2020 here.