*Content warning: visuals of sexual abuse and assault*

New Zealand pop artist Kimbra shared an intense music video for the remix of her song, “Everybody Knows” in partnership with Safety Horizon. This video was released after the artist’s open letter to film producer Harvey Weinstein, who has been convicted of several sexual allegations.

Kimbra stated this about the new version of the song:

“I was totally blown away by the way they took the song to a whole new place emotionally. It evoked a new depth in the lyric and had this hypnotizing patience to it with a quiet kind of violence and also a soft, strange intimacy. I felt like I was hearing the song & it’s meaning (even to myself) in a whole new way… the song speaks to oppression, and I wanted to show another side of that… a different context. I felt this version gave the song a whole new mood and I wanted to have that represented by an entirely different video, bringing a new angle to its meaning. It’s not always easy to speak openly about the ways we experience oppression in our lives but I’m thankful that art is a way for us to see things anew, and it also grants us the freedom of individual interpretation. I think it’s important we use music to give us new (sometimes challenging) perspectives, thanks to the eyes that have courage to capture what we can’t always see so quickly for ourselves. Thank you to @safehorizon for getting behind this in a way that can actually impact real life.” says Kimbra.

Safe Horizon is a non-profit organization based in New York City that offers victim services for people who have dealt with domestic violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, human trafficking, stalking and youth homelessness.
You can learn more about Kimbra’s music on her website.