Award-winning Blues artist Katie Knipp just released the video for her single, “Sad Eyed Lover”. With it’s addictive chorus and snarky lyrics, the song is an instantly memorable swamp-blues romp, and the video ramps the fun quotient up tenfold. The release follows her first on stage performance in over a year at the Powerhouse Pub in Folsom, California. Backed by a full band Knipp played to her home town crowd, showcasing her new album The Well.

Making the most out of a humble garage, and keeping everything black and white, Knipp and her band not only tell a story with “Sad Eyed Lover”, they’re obviously having a great time doing it. “I’ve never done a video in black and white before,” she explains, “and everything just looks cooler that way.” Switching between playing her resonator with pure passion and ruling the roost (and her band) from a throne-like giant armchair, her vision becomes clear. “I wanted to play the part of the ‘hot secretary.’ The glasses, the side-eye looks, the checklist for the chorus.” says Knipp.

The chorus warrants its own story, as she relates, “It’s inspired by a line in Deadpool 2, when Blind Al tells Wade (Deadpool) ‘Can you speak up? It’s a little hard to hear you with that pity-dick in your mouth.'” That movie line inspired the song’s chorus; she went to task writing lyrics that would be more radio-friendly. “We had to do lots of retakes with that because we all just kept cracking up.” Knipp recalls.

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“Sad Eyed Lover” is the first single on her new album The Well, a five song EP that debuted at #4 on the Blues Billboard Chart back in March. Katie has received the Billboard World Song Contest honorable mention for “Eyes Like Birds” and “Brother”, Roots Music Report Top Contemporary Blues Albums spun for 2018 and 2019 for her single, “Take it With You” worldwide radio spins, 2019/2020 SAMMIE Award Winner for Best Blues Artist, 2020 Female Artist of the Year Honoree by the Country Folk Americana Blues Music Realm, and 2021 Roots Music Report Top Contemporary Albums spun for The Well. You can purchase the album online via Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes.

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Katie Knipp with her band performing at the Powerhouse Pub in Folsom, Ca – July 11, 2021