Jayelle fully steps into her unconventional artistry with her sophomore project, Pretty Little Saboteur; a concept EP inspired by her astrological birth chart. Using the qualities of different placements in her chart as a creative catalyst, Jayelle paints a perceptive musical self portrait that is both relatable and deeply personal.

Pretty Little Saboteur carefully balances Jayelle’s eclectic nature, taking listeners on a journey through her mind as it darts between rough edges and a vulnerable core. While “Natural Disaster” and “Miss Nancy Drew” are bold and authoritative, the soundscapes of “Intuition” (my personal favorite) and “Wishing Wells” are much more reserved and intimate. “Pain” and “Letter from a Manic Pixie Dream Girl” bounce between styles, the latter using a drastic sonic switch to drive home satirical subject matter.

Listen here: Jayelle on Spotify and Jayelle | Linktree

“I feel like everyone became obsessed with something new over quarantine. For me that was astrology. Delving into what I’d learned about my chart from a songwriting standpoint made it that much more fascinating,” says Jayelle on the origins of Pretty Little Saboteur.

“Doing my own research and learning about each of my chart placements from different astrologers was so interesting, and then challenging myself to format what I learned into song ideas for the EP was really stimulating creatively. I think, as a result of that process, this EP is more self-aware than anything I’ve written before and hones in on me as an artist and a person very honestly.”

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Singer-songwriter Jayelle channels an intense, inner darkness through her polished pop performance. With an enchanting and illustrative honesty, she explores hauntingly personal and taboo subjects shamelessly. Currently L.A.-based, Jayelle is adding a fresh voice to alternative pop with captivating hooks and clever lyrical themes. A short list of her influences include FLETCHER, Halsey, Maggie Rogers, Paramore, and Taylor Swift. She is currently working on writing and recording songs for her own projects as well as for other artists. Fierce and feminine, this siren is a force to be reckoned with!