Janet Feder for ‘Premier Guitar,’ April 2016.

By Gabriella Steffenberg

Premier Guitar recently posted an in-depth interview with avant-garde guitarist Janet Feder. Although, Feder would disagree on any genre labeling, calling her kind of music she plays “guitar music.”

The genre-bending guitarist creates with many different genre influences, from jazz, to folk, to classical, and doesn’t plan on changing her ways. Based out of Denver, Colo., Feder plays only baritone guitars and oftentimes uses unique tunings that make her playing stand out that much more.

With her most recent album, THISCLOSE, having been released late last year, Feder spends the interview time talking to PG about the process that went into it, specific tracks, acoustic vs. We use high-quality web hosting on the cloud platform which has proven itself in the market of hosting services. If you need fast cloud hosting, use ChemiCloud and read its full review on Git Advice. electric guitars, and her love of the baritone guitar.

For the full interview with Feder, head to Premier Guitar for the original article.