By Myki Angeline

Music provides the soundtrack to our lives. Often times we relate a song to a particular fond memory, or personal tragedy.  When heard at just the right moment, a song can give us strength to move on and inspire us to rise above our struggles.  High Love’s musical mission is just that and one of true valor. They describe their sound as a dash of Muse, a layer of Phantogram, topped off with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Formerly known as REND, this Vancouver-based alternative rock band was founded by husband and wife duo Jeff and Carol-Lynne Quinn.  The name change was done to reflect the new direction of their music.  Says Carol-Lynne, “It is our passion and vision to create music that brings a voice to those who have had their voice taken away. To speak out and stand up for what they believe in and be a part of a movement of light, love and truth.”

Their first single, “No Longer Yours” off their soon to be released album is a victory anthem of sorts and is inspired by Carol-Lynne’s own personal journey of healing and freedom.

Listen and buy here:  No Longer Yours

The remaining members of High Love comprise of Steve Roe (electric guitar) and Jordan Dempster (drums) and credit their success as a band to open communication and long-lasting friendships. As the female lead singer, Carol-Lynne has dealt with her fare share of challenges in the music industry. But despite her experiences with condescending treatment from the opposite sex, she is quick to praise the support she receives from her strong knit community. A solid team of male and female musicians, technicians, managers, promoters who treat everyone with respect and kindness.

Carol-Lynne’s inspiration and influence in her song writing derives from her own childhood struggles. Having had her own power taken from her at a young age, she fought hard to find her own strength and heal from past traumas.  With their new music on the horizon, High Love is looking to be that change we so desperately need in the world today.  Leading with love and light, power and strength.  Being the voice for others who find it difficult to find their own.

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