Los Angeles based producer, composer and songwriter HANA debuts her new album HANADRIEL – made entirely via livestream on Twitch. The 12-track album is available for streaming everywhere.

Over the past 4 weeks, electronic experimental artist HANA has livestreamed her entire album creation process on streaming platform Twitch. A creative process that has never been done before, HANA’s intentions were to give her fans an inside perspective on her creative process while showcasing her individual talent.

Named after her video game character handle, HANADRIEL is a collection of diverse musical elements: emotional hooks, electronic synths and ethereal sounds. Tracks such as ‘Anxious Alien’ and ‘Black Orchid’ open up to a world of sci-fi and fantasy while ‘Cowgirl Bebop’ brings listeners into a more emotional state.

When describing the motives behind live-streaming her creation process, HANA states, “Over the last decade working as a producer, composer, and songwriter, I have noticed that people don’t necessarily comprehend the work that I put into my music/art. Many assume collaborators that I work with, especially if they are male, did most of the work. Making an album while livestreaming the entire process seemed like a perfect way to combat this and show my process, while also creating a body of work in a really interesting and experimental way.”

More information on HANA can be found at her official website.