She Rocks Awards Honoree Malina Moye – could she be in the cards for a signature guitar?

CEO Andy Mooney confirms plans for diverse new models

Fender’s line-up of signature artists includes electric guitar players from a multitude of genres and backgrounds – and predominately male. This is despite the fact that half of all new guitar buyers are female.

But according to CEO Andy Mooney this will change in 2020.

45% OF THE GUITARS WE SELL EVERY year go to first-time players, and half of those first-time players were women. That was a shocker

Could a Samantha Fish Jazzmaster be on the cards? (Image credit: Future)

Mooney believes the reason for Fender’s oversight was due to women choosing an acoustic guitar for their first guitar, and the likelihood of ordering online versus visiting a traditional brick and mortar. That, combined with a lack of female sales associates may also be a factor.

“So that insight fundamentally changed what we did in artist relations. And then product development from the point of view of developing signature guitars: we’ll introduce more signature guitars for female artists next year than we’ve done in our entire 70-year history in a very broad range of genres and personalities. So we’re pretty excited,” says Mooney.

Fender’s website reveals there are no signature models for female guitarists currently in production, which leaves us wondering who will be the first set of female artists to receive signature guitars. Guitar World made a list of who they consider the most likely candidates for signature guitars and their associated models below, and we are inclined to agree with them:

Do you agree with this list? Who else would you add? Let us know in a comment below!