Welcome back to another She Rocks Podcast! This week Laura B. Whitmore chatted with Joss Stone.

Platinum-selling and Grammy-winning UK soul singer and songwriter Joss Stone’s iconic voice and soulful style are unforgettable. Back with a new single, “Walk With Me,” and much more to come, she hails from Devon, UK, and has been captivated by soul music since she was a little girl. At just 33 years old Stone has already enjoyed a long career. She has kept the company of musical royalty from the outset. Performing alongside many legendary artists such as James Brown, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Sting, Van Morrison and Melissa Etheridge amongst many others. She has collaborated with and contributed to albums for many of the world’s finest musicians, including Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger and Damien Marley. Here we caught up with Stone to talk about her new music and her latest and perhaps most impressive creation, the birth of her upcoming first child! Check out this fun conversation.

“Walk With Me” https://youtu.be/GfPJ-FZgpiA

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