On this week’s episode of the She Rocks Podcast, Laura B. Whitmore chatted with Beatie Wolfe.

Beatie Wolfe calls herself a ”musical weirdo and visionary,” but in truth she’s an artist with a penchant for pushing boundaries – or eliminating them all together! Wolfe has beamed her music into space, been appointed a UN Women role model for innovation, and held an acclaimed solo exhibition of her ‘world first’ album designs at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Here we talk about her fantastic new TedMed talk, her ‘Postcards for Democracy’ project with Mark Mothersbaugh, and so much more.

TedMed Talk: https://youtu.be/ARP_yr-aoMU
Postcards for Democracy: https://www.postartfordemocracy.com/
Website: https://beatiewolfe.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beatiewolfe/

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