By Myki Angeline

Setbacks and lies won’t phase me.

I’m just a shade away from crazy.

It was those particular lyrics that hooked me into this song. Maybe because it reflects my current life situation at the moment.  But, make no mistake – the entire song is empowering and relatable to any woman who has been told she cannot make her dreams come true. Those lyrics belong to “Battleshade”, the first single from the soon to be released EP Hindsight by Soul Pop artist, Emily Curtis. It is a battle cry song accompanied by pulsating beats, haunting piano keys, and metaphorical meaning.

Emily Curtis is a singer-songwriter from Charleston, SC. She was a finalist in The Great American Song contest. Her passion for music began at a young age and has continued through her life. She was a member of the female a Capella group, The Cocktails during her college years at The University of South Carolina.  It was after this experience that she was inspired to pursue a solo career.

Listen to “Battleshade” here:

The inspiration behind “Battleshade” was a response to Curtis’ own insecurities, and lack of support she experienced from some of the people in her life. She explains that difficult inspiration, “Remember me. Say you will. I’ll leave a mark. It won’t fade. It’s such a bold statement to make about yourself, but singing those phrases does something in me that makes me feel brave.”

Hindsight is set for release November 10 and includes 5 Pop songs with musical elements of jazz, soul, and country showcasing Curtis’ diverse talent. With every song created to inspire and empower women everywhere.

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Below is another single from Hindsight,”Tough Love” which was recorded in 2016 at the Charleston Music Hall.