cool girl island Turns on “do not disturb” in Stylish New Video

“In preparation for our departure we ask that you switch all electronic devices to ‘airplane mode’ and ensure that your seatbelt is securely fastened at this time. Thank you for flying with Cool Girl Island and we wish you a pleasant flight.”

Familiar words reinvented for indie electro-RnB project Cool Girl Island’s, alias for songwriter/producer Coco Lin, whose new video, “do not disturb (airplane mode),” premiered via Ones to Watch, who calls it ” a serene adventure of lo-fi, high-depth textured pickups that feel like members, the assorted mental paraphernalia you drag with you when a romance drops away.”

Coco states, “ I wrote the song during the end of covid. Despite finally having “permission” to leave my house, I found myself wanting to stay in and craving my own company. The music I wrote became my melodic journal diary.”

“Sometimes I would surprise myself when I listen back to the lyrics I wrote because I’m quite a private person. To be completely honest, I don’t remember the writing process of this song and there’s no deeper meaning to the lyrics, but depending on the mood I am in, I relate to my song very differently. Most days it’s a feel good, self-love kind of song, other days it makes me strangely sad… There are also days when it’s just a white noise song I play in the background. I have a tendency to block out the world and get stuck in an endless daydream.”

She continues, “I do get a lot of complaints from friends regarding how my phone is always on “do not disturb.”

From another gal who discovered ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode and never looked back, and plays the “lo-fi hip hop beats to study to” Youtube stream post-pandemic lockdown nonstop in a similar mentality, I love “do not disturb”. This song and video are a quietly confident, soothing celebration of time spent in your own company. It’s also worth a listen on your Airpods Pro or high quality headphones to sink into the smooth, textured production and mixing. The world Lin has built tangibly feels as dreamy as the her vocals.

Now, on this Saturday morning, thanks to Lin, I’m going to Cool Girl Island; excuse me while I put on ‘do not disturb’ on repeat and dance around the kitchen, *happily alone*.

Listen to “”do not disturb” (airplane mode)”