I’m traveling back right now from a long trip to Los Angeles, Anaheim and New York. Exhausted to the bone, I am at the same time gratified, humbled, and determined. You see, my team and I produced our most complex, most expensive and most relevant She Rocks Awards ever this past Friday at the House of Blues Anaheim.

To say the event has grown is an understatement. The support from our sponsors, participation of the performers and recipients and coverage by the attending media is certainly enough to prove to me that this event continues to become more and more important.

I, however, am full of mixed emotions. Was it a successful and inspiring event? Yes, of course. But as a producer, creating an event of this magnitude is a time consuming and intricate endeavor. Steeped in the details of what should be going on, it is difficult to fully absorb the emotional impact.

On the red carpet I was asked questions about the current climate for women…Isn’t it gratifying to realize we are finally being heard? To tell you the truth, I am very cautious about feeling any sense of celebration when I consider that women are banding together. Not because I am not optimistic and not because I won’t continue to focus my efforts to bring more and more people into the conversation. But because as women in the USA, we have been here before. Or really, our mothers and our grandmothers have. Did their efforts have impact? Yes, they did, but I’m guessing not as much as they had hoped. And so we can not sit back and say we are there. We are a long way from there.

For me it is about stamina. Yes, I am incredibly glad the conversation has grown larger. But we at the WiMN are constantly planning more ways to communicate with more women and girls about issues in music and audio. We are working more new programs than ever to insure that not only does this conversation get larger, but also that is continues on indefinitely. We cannot be distracted. We cannot lose focus.

And so, after the awards are over, when I am asked about how I feel, I smile. I know the She Rocks Awards has touched many, many people. I know it has helped to energize and galvanize the conversation. But I also know there is work to be done. Lots of work. So how do I feel? I feel glad nothing went insanely wrong during the event. I feel a bit in awe that my organization and I produce such a recognized and meaningful event. I feel more than a little tired. But I also feel determined. Strong. Focused. And I feel ready to do what it takes. Are you with me?