Up and coming artist Charlee Remitz has unveiled her track “Nothing Blooms Quite Like A Heartache” off her upcoming album titled Garden, out January 17, 2020.

Charlee wrote, produced, and mixed the track entirely on her own. As part of her vision, swaths of shimmering nostalgic eighties synths offset a decidedly 21st century take on heartache that proves both entrancing and empowering. “For this track, I wanted the airy percussion and booming synths tie in directly to the garden theme, to illustrate sonically that growth requires patience and sadness,” she states.

Reaching the climax of a tumultuous and transformational hero’s journey wounded from abuse, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and self-image struggles, Charlee Remitz found herself at a crossroads in 2018: let the tragedies become her or let the tragedies drive her. The award-winning independent singer-songwriter, mixer, and producer downloaded a trial version of Ableton, taught herself the program and hand-stitched every note of her upcoming album Garden.

Charlee Remitz is an award-winning independent singer-songwriter, mixer, and producer who has been has been circulating the indie airwaves since her breakout debut LP, Bright White Trims. She takes modern pop and drenches it, believing everything fundamental to happiness lies below the surface. Her sophomore LP, Sad Girl Music, dropped November of 2018, and was a massive exploration of first love and, the more important, first heartbreak.

More information on Charlee Remitz can be found at her official website.