Violet Grae and Lex Wolfe, founders of BYOB

Due to today’s hardships and turmoil, the female music community and LGBTQ community have decided to come together to hold a music event that represents acceptance, awareness, and compassion through music.

Bassist Lex Wolfe and music artist advocate Violet Grae are hosting the live stream event BYOB (Breaking Your Own Boundaries) and will be teaming up with the highly respected platform Women that Rock. This event takes place on Friday June 19th, 2020 from 7pm to 9pm Friday PST with performances by: Lex Wolfe, Violet Grae, Dilanna, SUVI, DJ Annalyze, and Jackie Venson. This event will stream live on Instagram at Violet Grae and Women That Rock.

BYOB is sponsored by That Sounds Gay apparel.

Each act are strong advocates for the LGBTQ Community. This benefit show will be soliciting donations towards The Bail Project and the WOMXN fest. The WOMXN festival showcases women and non-binary artists, and is taking place the following week.

About BYOB:

BYOB Events was created by Violet Grae and Lex Wolfe. BYOB is a pop up event that originated in Los Angeles. These female musicians have been working in the music industry for over fifteen years and are advocates for women in the music industry and voices in the LGBTQ community. BYOB is an acronym We also adapt creatively to each event; as examples Bring Your Own Boo, Bring Your Own Bitch, Bring Your Own Beat, Bring Your Own Babe, Bring Your Own Bass, Bring Your Own Best. But for June 19th, nothing seemed more fitting than “Breaking Your Own Boundaries”. We have found that many people are coming together and sharing their voices like never before. Together we wanted to create a safe space at musical events for individuals of any sexual orientation or preference. All of the booked acts of BYOB are predominantly strong women in music and in our community.