By Myki Angeline

Stacey Wells with Alice Cooper, one of the many artists she has painted.

Stacey Wells loves to talk about art. Her paintings have captured the hearts of many, especially the celebrities she has created portraits for. Her works can be seen in several art galleries across the U.S. and art collector’s walls world wide. Wells has painted everything from cityscapes, to animals and abstract, as well as creating nude sculptures. She captured national attention with her Hollywood pop art of famous musicians like Aerosmith, the Beatles, Liz Taylor, Elvis Presley, J Lo, Deborah Harry, Madonna, and the Rolling Stones to name a few.

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Wells resides in Vancouver BC, Canada where she was born and raised. She began painting celebrities at age twelve when she completed her first art piece on pop rock legend Rod Stewart, “it was then when I fell in love with faces and doing portraits. Rod Stewart has since pulled me up on stage twice and signed a couple of my paintings of him. The original drawing is in one of my old portfolios.” says Wells.

One of her specialties is painting celebrities on wine bottles. She founded her company Rockstar Reflections, capturing time in a bottle with art reflecting good times had with music and wine. Her unique creations include Jimi Hendrix, Lady Gaga, Gene Simmons, Marilyn Monroe, and Jim Morrison.  Wells loves the challenge of painting new subjects and favors acrylics and sometimes water colors on canvas. Her most recent accomplishment is being the only woman listed as a celebrity artist (that isn’t a rock star) on the ROCK STAR gallery’s website alongside famous rockstars/artists such as Ronnie Wood, Sebastian Kruger, Grace Slick, Paul McCartney, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix.

Wells’ positive, intuitive, sensitive, and goodhearted personality lives to be of service to others. She recently donated a painting of Johnny Depp that raised $35,000 for underprivileged kids to learn music, dance, and art lessons. She has given art lessons to homeless teens at LAYN in Los Angeles, as well as underprivileged kids at youth programs, “They are so talented and I love the confidence it gives them when they see how good they are.” she says.

Her advice to women who are breaking into the world of art as an entrepreneur is simple: “Do your own thing. I’ve never followed in anyone’s footsteps. I create my own path, do things my way. I find that the passion in your work shines through when you are doing what you love. Create your own unique style. Respect that art is valuable.”

“Art is the illusion that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. ” ~ Stacey Wells