By Myki Angeline

The Cypher Effect (TCE) is an independent music network showcasing today’s new Hip Hop artists. Founded by JDS Films in 2012, they have featured hundreds of emerging rappers and hip hop artists on their website and Youtube video cyphers.

Recently, TCE hosted an incredible all-female cypher – each Goddess sharing a one minute rap; fierce, intelligent, and smooth. Queens with bars, they are carving out a name for themselves in the music industry and hip hop community:

  • Beanz, lyricist rapper from Reading, PA
  • Devmo, speed rapper and songwriter from Santa Monica, CA
  • Maya Huyana, hip hop artist from Inland Empire, CA
  • Verokraze, hip hop soul rapper from Fresno, CA
  • GermFree, hip hop rapper from Los Angeles, CA
  • Alia Zin, hip hop rap artist from Los Angeles, CA
  • Kiddo, hip hop rap artist from Whittier, CA.

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