3 Quick Tips For Monetizing Your Career as An Indie Band 

In 2018, the “one-man-band” mentality has become increasingly popular as musicians take a more hands-on approach to handling their music career.

Here are 3 easy tips for monetizing your career as an indie band!

1.) Branding

The dreaded word: brand. Branding can seem like a daunting task but at it’s simplest form it is truly just making your band memorable. Make sure you can uncomplicate your image so that people can describe your band in three words or less. This will make it easier for you to make niche fans, therefore make it easier for you to monetize your band.

This branches off directly from branding! If you have a memorable image, (whether that’s with a colour scheme or a specific graphic/attitude), your merch should reflect that brand.

If you have an attractive brand, your target audience will naturally become attracted to you and your merch will be a great way to increase your RIO. (Return on investment.)

Again, this branches off directly from your branding. In the social media landscape, there are far too many accounts trying to grow and reach millions of people. As consumers, we are far too inundated with data that we are way less likely to support an unknown band unless they are TRULY interesting to us.

Once you establish your brand, showcase this on your social media!

  • Are you a funny band? Do comedic videos inspired by Collegehumor!
  • Are you wicked at guitar solos? Begin a series of covers or original solos!

If you are able to establish a commercial brand and an authentic social media following, there are a wide range of opportunities in regards to sponsorships and paid posts. The most important rule: stand out.

KEEP IN MIND: Having a strong social media presence can also help bands book gigs, secure PR opportunities, and will help grow you fan base. Although it can be hard to make money directly from online posts, keep in mind the potential opportunities that may come forward. If you want to monetize your band, it is worth investing the time into growing your social media following.

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