With 2018 just around the corner, we have gathered six great New Year’s Resolutions for our network of boss babes!


1.) Find your tribe!

They say you’re the average of the 5 people you hang with the most! If you’re like me, you may not even have that many. (Anti-social musician life.)

This upcoming year, break out of your comfort zone and go for a coffee with fellow musicians in your local music scene! You never know the ideas, lessons, and friendships that may come out of a short coffee convo. In return, you’ll feel more inspired and energized by being surrounded by like-minded people.


2.) Network more with fans!

Building a fan base can feel difficult for musicians at all levels, but it’s not as hard as it may seem! Gone are the days where musicians were elusive and didn’t interact with their supporters. 

Appreciate each fan, follow them back if you would like to, and respond to their supportive comments. I promise you the extra time will be worth it in the long run!


3.) No more self-judgement!

Even the most confident people in the world struggle with living an entirely authentic life.

In 2018, I encourage you to be yourself fully.

  • On stage
  • In writing sessions
  • While writing songs to release
  • When meeting people
  • When posting on social media
  • When dressing for the stage

The list goes on and on.

I used to feel like this when it came to performing. I was so worried about what I should look like. Where do I put my hands? Do I look boring? Everybody I know looks so polished on stage and I’m just kind of… there. With my guitar.

For a while I tried to be something I was not, and that definitely didn’t resonate.

I realized that who I am naturally when I perform is someone who totally gets lost in the music I’m performing because I’m genuinely connected to it. I’ll let people focus on the music, and as for me, I’m not sure what that’ll look like. AlloEscort.ch But I know it’ll be 100% me! This new tactic has not only resonated with my audiences more but also brought me so much more inner peace.


4.) Work hard… and rest hard.

In 2017 I worked… a lot. I had a few burnouts and I will say those are definitely not worth the hustle.

Start 2018 with a bang by defining your goals and writing out each little step to get there! But make sure that your calendar schedge also includes at least one day off. In order to be creative, we must be calm. Self-care isn’t selfish. Your future self will thank you!


5.) Have FUN with social media!

In the beginning of social media, it felt like everybody was going viral. Before strict algorithms and sponsored ads, your uncle from Michigan could’ve been on Ellen next month due to a video of his cat dancing to the Bee Gees.

Nowadays, the internet is so saturated that bands are competing more with their fans friends and family. Will people spend their 2 Insta seconds congratulating their cousins wedding or liking another one of your tour date pics?

Fans are smarter today and recognize a sale almost instantly. Feel the stress? Don’t! Genuine posts and fun personalities are winning the internet game in 2017 and I believe will even more in the upcoming year. 

Don’t take it too seriously! Just have fun and your followers will too.


6.) Never stop creating. 

Whether that’s writing a new song, releasing an album, or creating a graphic design for your Twitter. Creative satisfaction is one of the most rewarding experiences; especially when you aren’t afraid to fail. They say the brightest ideas come to us when we are not worried about succeeding.

May 2018 bring you happiness, creativity, and lot’s of music WiMN’s!