By Lina Bhambhani

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Cassie Stewart was born without a hand and was set back in her music class from playing any instruments at Pine Grove Area High School due to her disability. However, her dreams came true after her 15-year-old classmate Nicholas Brown designed a 3-D printed prosthesis arm with help from technology teacher, Brad Fessler. Brown was approached by his music teacher to create something for the students who had disabilities such as Stewart did. He put some ideas together on a computer and presented it to the technology teacher and there after they created a 3-D Prosthesis Arm that the students could use.

“He’s really brilliant,” Fessler pointed out to TODAY. “He just picks up on things really quickly, and he kind of ran through the curriculum. So I pitched it to him and he said it sounds great.”

“I had to get the idea of what to make,” Brown told TODAY. “But the rest of it was just editing the idea and finding out what works.”

At the last day of the school year, Brown and the music teacher presented the product to Stewart and she was grateful for what he did and happy to join the rest of the class for the upcoming music sessions.

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