Talk about #bossbabes! 

Today we introduce you to 10 female entrepreneurs and the wise words that got them to where they are today in the music industry!

#1 Hard work pays off!

“Some of the most difficult deals you will work on will become some of the proudest moments of your career.”

– Marcie Allen (President, Mac Presents)

#2 First impressions are everything. Trust your gut!

“Let people show you who they are as opposed to you making them out to be who you are looking for. Pay close attention to how you feel when you meet someone for the first time, it’s a great indication of what you really feel about the person. As they say…First impressions are everything.”
– Michelle Citrin (Singer/Songwriter/Composer) 
#3 Trial and error is essential.
“Being an entrepreneur is like throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks. You always need room for trial and error. However, keep yourself from “spinning” by having a plan and a system. This will give you the freedom to create.”
– Jo-Na A. Williams (Founder of Artist Empowerment)
#4 Take every step you need to get there!
“Create an overall curriculum for your goals. Break it out into daily tasks. Then schedule them and do them everyday, on schedule. Otherwise, you’ll be pushed around by a tsunami of data and people, spinning in busy circles. Schedule yourself first, and do little baby steps every day, and you’ll reach the finish line every time.” 
– Shoshana Zisk  (Sf Musictech Summit, Co-producer)
#5 With the power of the internet, success is in your hands!
“As society has shifted from physical to digital across all mediums, I see nothing but opportunities for our musicians, comedians and even our firm’s athlete to connect with their audiences like never before. We don’t sit around and wait for magical things that may or may not come, we start executing on opportunities that make sense for our roster on Day 1.”
– Emily White (Co-founder of Whitesmith Entertainment and Readymade Records)
#6 Grow locally and expand first.
“Conquer your own territory before you set out for bigger pastures. 
As a label and management company I get a lot of emails asking me to check out a band that is on the other side of the world and who are not yet even headlining or touring in their own country. You need to make waves in your own region before the expense and work it takes to break a band over here is even a possible consideration. Grow locally and expand first.”
– Cathy Pellow (Owner and Manager, Sarget House Records)
#7 Create your own opportunity! 
“Instead of waiting around hoping for an opportunity to come, create your own. Stop depending on other people when you can do it yourself. Get out there and network, build and maintain your contacts, stay active on social media, be consistent and pay attention. There are opportunities where you least expect it.”
– Yaya Rey (Founder and CEO, Ya Indieground House Management, LLC) 
#8 Pick your team wisely!
“As an artist manager and independent record label owner, I only work with artists who are prepared to work as hard as I do. This business is about teamwork so pick your team carefully and never be frightened to ‘tweak’ the line up when necessary.”
– Kerry Harvey-Piper (Owner at Red Grape Music, LTD) 
#9 Who you know and how they feel about you is essential to music industry success!

“Your reputation and actions will say more about you than you ever can. Develop authentic working relationships with people and they will remember and respect you. Be confident without arrogance, be knowledgeable but open to learning, be steadfast in your goal but open to change. Ultimately, create a network of people who know who you are and like who they know.” 

– Rynda Laurel (Founder and CEO, RYNDA)

#10 At the end of the day… smile and enjoy your work! 🙂

“Work hard, play hard, work even harder, keep smiling, stay focused, continue to learn new skills, don’t take anything personal, keep hustling, get the job done, a sense of humor is a must, and always make sure you enjoy your work!”
– Catherine Carter (Founder, Red Lipstick Mafia Video Productions)