With the power of the internet, and the ever-changing streaming industry, being a musician in 2018 can be exciting and filled with opportunity!

Although this is true, with these new possibilities also comes more expectation and challenges for the indie artist.

In this article we bring you 10 of our fav motivational quotes for every part of being a musician! 

#1 For when you don’t feel good enough 


#2 Something to remember when building your network! 


#3 What success actually looks like 


#4 When others around you seem to be growing quicker than you are! Living is about quality of life. Don’t let comparison get in the way of enjoying your journey! 


#5 When you feel nervous about starting something new… 


#6 At times when you start to question if all the stress is worth it… 


#7 When you need a boost of motivation for your long list of to-dos. 


#8 Remember to be thankful for what you’ve accomplished, while pursuing what you want. 


#9 When expectation start to creep in! 


#10 And at all times, remember to… 


Which quote was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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