Amanda McCarthy is a storyteller compelled to speak the truth, who doesn’t fit in a box and doesn’t like rules. Blending many influences, her original music is the infusion of pop/country and alternative rock, sprinkled with millennial snark and the heart of an old soul. A perfect example of this can be savored with her first full length album Road Trip, premiering on the Women’s International Music Network and available on Spotify, AppleMusic, and all other music download and streaming services.

Road Trip is a bit of a story/concept album that combines my love of travel/adventure (both real and fantasy experiences) with the all-too-common theme of using that to ‘run away’ from my problems instead of facing them head on. It’s a pretty musically diverse album, pulling influences from the pop, alt-rock and country music genres and mixing it all into one.” says McCarthy.

McCarthy’s original music has been recognized through nominations and awards from the 59th Grammy Awards Nomination Ballot, Cornell University’s Emerging Artist Series (Winner), NYC’s Coffee Music Project (Finalist), Nashville’s Josie Music Awards (Nominated), Royal Caribbean Cruises, and New England based award shows for Worcester Music Awards, Limelight Music Magazine and the Southern New England Music Expo.

Her early years included a huge focus on anti-bullying philanthropic work with “Sticks and Stones” (included in a nationwide anti-bullying documentary still being showcased today) and “I Don’t Deserve It.” (Her first cut by another band.) Her philanthropic efforts have since shifted to sexual assault and abusive relationship awareness through songs like “Fusion” and “A Bridge Better Burned.”

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