Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away. It made me think of the many things I am thankful for. Life is crazier than ever, but I wanted to take this moment to share with you the things that I celebrate. Holy moly, I feel so lucky.

The She Rocks Awards is still going and stronger than ever.

When I started the She Rocks Awards, I had no idea it would grow into such an amazing event. The fact that it is still going strong and that I have the means and the support to help make it happen continues to blow my mind. Who knew?!

Generous people who help.

They say it takes a village. Everyone who pitches in to help is such a blessing. And I hope that each person who does feels the glow of being a part of something that transcends each of us as individuals. Thank you, thank you.

My fantastic family.

Right now I’m sitting on my couch with my little doggies snuggled up next to me. My son is home from college. My daughter arrives tomorrow. I just talked to pretty much all of my best friends today, and I’ll see my brother and sister and their wonderful families at Thanksgiving. I have the love of an amazing guy. Can it get better than this? I don’t need it to.

Health and hope.

You may have seen me post about my daughter’s medical issues this year. The lack of help from the traditional medical community has blown my mind. I am so thankful that we have searched for and found other doctors who have led us to a path we think is the right one. Their support and open-mindedness is a blessing.

I work in the industry I love.

It’s music. It’s magic. It’s the thing that makes me feel the light of something beyond the physical.

I have met so many incredible people.

I used to say that the trick to meeting top people is to invite them to be on a panel (wait, I still say that!). But running an organization with a mission to raise awareness and lift people up is another doorway to that crucial introduction. Finding the connection where we can truly help each other is an amazing feeling.

I am encouraged to continue to be creative…every day!

It can be lonely working in a field that defies logic. There is no clear path to success. We only know that we are compelled to try to see this crazy vision through. I am so thankful I am at a place where I am accepted as a person with a non-traditional brain, and grateful that being creative is my livelihood.

You are reading this blog.

Because as a writer, you never know if anyone will read anything you write. If you find value in these words or any of the other ones on this site, I hope you come back!

Don’t get me wrong. Life has many many challenges. But just for now, I want to focus on the positive. I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. I sincerely hope you also have many things to be thankful for!

Pictured: Me with Emma, Ava and Cole in Colorado