Countdown to 2023: Lucky’s Top 5

WIMN Content Specialist and Blogger Lucky Lamond shares the songs she kept on repeat in 2022.

  1. “Look at What the Light Did Now”, Little Wings
    Shoutout Reservation Dogs’ Music Supervisors for bringing this gem to me! Timeless, heartbreaking, minimal, sweet. A perfect song. 


  2. “For Aisha”, MEMBA, EVAN GIIA, and Nooran Sisters
    Another music supervisor shoutout for Ms. Marvel. Watch the full translation of the lyrics here and try not to cry.


  3. “Another Life”, Surf Mesa feat FLETCHER and Josh Golden
    Endless repeat. Incredible lyrics and production. 15/10!


  4. Slip Away, Perfume Genius
    A classic for a reason!


  5. Bite Me, Avril Lavigne
    A WHOLE. MOOD for this 90’s kid. They still got it baby.

    Here’s to more great music in 2023!