By Pauline France

Country/gospel singer-songwriter Iris DeMent was interviewed in the March issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine, where she talked about the making of her latest album Sing the Delta and why it took her 16 years to release it.

DeMent told Acoustic Guitar the primary reason 16 years went by is the fact that she “can’t force herself into a mold.”

“I knew all along I’d always sing, and I knew songs would come to me, but as far as the expectation that I’d put out a record every year or every couple of years, I gave up on that a long time ago,” she told Acoustic Guitar. “I just can’t force myself into that mold. I’ve tried to do that, not only because it’s satisfying to me but because I have an audience—they’re like your friends or your family or anyone you bring into your life, and you have a certain obligation to them.”

But despite the long hiatus in between records, DeMent has fan base as strong as it’s ever been. Listen to the title track off her new album below, and read the full interview at Acoustic Guitar here.