It’s hard for me to get excited about International Women’s Day. You see, for me, every day is women’s day. Or actually, every day is just a day in which I and many others fight for the rights and recognition of women. We don’t need a day to remind us, “Oh, by the way, women do amazing things…don’t forget!”

But since it is International Women’s Day, I thought I’d take a moment to share some of the women who have personally inspired me this past year. There are a lot of them and if you’re not mentioned, it does not mean I don’t love and appreciate you.

Paula Cole
I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the fabulous Ms Cole for a BackStory Events live stream on Not only is she a talented and an amazing songwriter, she is warm, funny and just a joy to be around.

Jeanne Nooney of PRS Guitars
PRS has really stepped up to make serving and recognizing female artists a priority and the fantastic Jeanne Nooney spearheads the outreach. Her energy and focus are infectious!

Lisa Loeb
Grammy Award winning artist Lisa Loeb is lovely, generous, fun, and fantastic. She performed at our NYC fundraiser and she is a smart and savvy artist. Her new album of children’s songs is sassy and cool. I’m a fan!

Dinah Gretsch of Gretsch
Holy Moly, this woman is like the energizer bunny. She travels the world supporting worthwhile causes, and evangelizing on behalf of the Gretsch brand. She is warm, thorough and a true inspiration.

ZZ Ward
She a young ‘un, but when I look at the way this artist melds old and new genres to create her own singular style, I am truly inspired as a musician. Do yourself a favor and check her out.

Karrie Keyes of Soundgirls
Yes, she’s the monitor engineer for Pearl Jam, but she also spearheads She is the best at getting a million things done and bringing people together. Check out for all kinds of resources for girls and women in audio.

Rachel Roy
Rachel is my sister. Not my “sister” in music, but my real blood sister. She travels the world sharing her gifts. She’s one of my best friends, a creative collaborator, and the best sister ever. My wish for all of you is that you have a sister (or friend) like Rachel! Oh yeah, she can sing too!

Monique Boyer of M.A.C Cosmetics
No single person has done more this year to connect the WiMN to more opportunities than the amazing Monique Boyer. Plus, MAKEUP! The folks at M.A.C have been fantastic partners and Monique leads the charge.

Jenna Paone
Singer/songwriter Jeanna Paone has become my favorite songwriting partner and a true collaborator. Together she and I are greater than the sum of our parts. I am supercharged with creative energy every time we talk. We have incredible projects in the works. Thanks for working arm in arm with me!

Divinity Roxx
Divi has led our She Rocks house band for the last 3 years, and every time I work with her I appreciate her kick ass, get it done attitude, amazing musical chops and her creative outlook. I respect her as a musician and consider her a friend. She rocks!

Sarah and Charlotte Command
You may have noticed that I have the Command Sisters play at WiMN events as often as I can. It gives me a reason to hang with these wonderful ladies. We even had the opportunity to co-write this past summer and it was a dream. Love them!!

Bonnie Gallanter of Muse Artist Management
Bonnie and I met only 2 years ago, but I can’t imagine life without her now. Not only does she help me run the WiMN, she is a caring, thoughtful and smart individual who is always looking for ways to connect and uplift. We make a great team!

Laura Clapp
Ever meet one of those people that you think you want to hate because she is so beautiful and talented and fabulous. But then you just can’t because she is also so friendly and warm and giving? That’s Laura Clapp. God has given her many gifts and she knows how to share ’em! She’s the best.

Emma Whitmore
And finally, my daughter, Emma. She’s an adult now (which is mind blowing) and has chosen a bold path of travel and art and wonder. She has the voice of an angel and the heart to match. She is silly, sweet and sometimes a bit cranky. She is also loving and giving and creative and full of hope. I’m inspired by her willingness to take a new step on her journey every day!

So dear readers…who inspires you?