The Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) are changing the face of sound by providing hands-on training, work experience, career counseling and job placement to over 2,000 women and girls every year in creative technology for music, radio, film, television and the internet. Join them October 18-20, 2019 in New York for another dynamic conference!

This three-hour seminar will focus on how recording engineers and producers can best represent the musical essence of an artist’s or ensemble’s work when recording acoustic instruments. We will evaluate the challenges of recording a variety of acoustic instruments through live demonstrations in the studio as well as a group listening session and discussion on performance and recording styles in classical music from Gregorian chant and small acoustic ensembles to larger groups and orchestras. Students will develop a toolkit for making recording decisions based on musical context and learn how recording choices can affect artists’ ability to communicate with the audience. Ticket price is $50, although you can secure your $40 early bird ticket through September 6, 2019. For tickets and location information, click HERE.

This WAMCon New York will feature speakers such as:

👉 Simone Torres (Cardi B, Sia)
👉 Gloria Kaba (Beyonce, Frank Ocean)
👉 Heba Kadry (Bjork, Neon Indian, Mars Volta)
👉 Susan Rogers (Prince, David Byrne)
👉 Lisa Chamblee (Prince, Stevie Wonder)
👉 Peggy McCreary (Prince, Van Halen)
👉 Haley Shaw (Gimlet Media, Uncivil, Mogul)
👉 Chiquita Paschal (Peabody Award – Uncivil, Another Round)