Amidst the madness that was 2020, when nothing was certain as we all struggled to find hope for the future, artists like art-pop songwriter/guitarist/producer Valerie Orth perseveres. For years she’s been writing songs inspired by challenges both political and personal, like in her full length album Rabbit Hole, which includes the single and video for “I Believe We Will Win” featured above.

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Culture Collide says, “In a year where technology has become something we rely on for communication more than ever, songwriter Valerie Orth gives us Rabbit Hole, an album that reflects on the ways technology can both blur the lines of the ‘traditional’ and hinder our self-perception.”

“Valerie Orth inspires listeners to shake off self-doubt and detractors so that they can take control of their lives and relationships. Musically, these songs move with the same kind of energy and thoughtfulness that radiates from Orth,” says Consequence of Sound.

Orth wrote the bones of her upcoming album, Rabbit Hole, isolated in a house in Oregon. Then she went to L.A. to join forces with GRAMMY-Award winning engineer David “Dizmix” Lopez (Beyonce, Ice Cube, Brandy, Snoop Dogg, Angie Stone). Over the course of a year, Orth and Lopez jumped down a rabbit hole to study the current condition of the human species and translate it into a cinematic album with songs like “Fight For Love”, Tourist In Nature”, and “Done To Me”.

Someone who practices what she preaches, Orth’s also an educator and activist, co-leading Beats By Girlz NYC and producing The League of Badass Women Podcast