Just two years ago, singer-songwriter Taína Asili made one of the strongest reactions to the 2018 election with her song and music video, “No Es Mi Presidente.” Recently she announced her new album Resiliencia inspired by major events that have led up to today including the #MeToo movement and Hurricane Maria.

Asili also unveiled the title track “Resiliencia” along with a remarkable visual. Asili sings angrily about her frustrations over the crucial problems of Puerto Rico being ignored over heavy drums and booming horns.

The artist explains the inspiration behind the record, “I’ve been so inspired by the powerful, resilient stories of women of color in my life and I wanted to lift them up in song. Before I started writing songs, I conducted interviews with women from New York and California to Montreal and Puerto Rico.” says Asili.

Resiliencia is a unique album as it explores several different genres and musical styles including reggae, ska, rock, and salsa. The album is set to be released on April 19, 2019. For more information, check out Asili’s official website.