On Nov. 8, Seattle surf-rock female quartet La Luz were involved in a serious car accident, which left the girls terribly bruised, their van totaled, merchandise and gear completely destroyed.

The band was on tour with Of Montreal en route to a sold-out hometown show at Neumos, when they were tragically rear-ended by a large truck.

La Luz canceled all further tour dates and issued the following statement:

Last Night [November 8] was probably the most terrifying experience of any of our lives. But we’re ok! Thanks for the love and well wishes everyone. We lost a lot of things (pretty much everything we had) and got pretty banged up when we were hit by a semi on our way to Seattle last night, but we’re just awfully glad to be alive and we’ll be back on our feet in no time. For those of you who want to help out financially, Hardly Art set up this paypal to help us pay for some stuff and money we lost. Love to you all!

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