By Myki Angeline

I have known Autumn Sky Hall for many years and have always admired her inner strength, talent, and her voice in our Sacramento music community. As a 12 year veteran of the music scene in Northern California and Hall of Fame inductee in the Sacramento Music Awards (SAMMIES), Hall is the only solo female act to ever be honored with the induction to the Hall of Fame (having received six awards total, including three Artist of the Year awards, back to back in the three years prior.).  By age 23, she had played over 500 gigs which includes opening for Bauhaus front man Peter Murphy, Heart at BottleRock Festival, and TBD Fest. Hall had a knack for marketing and promotion; brainstorming new ways to reach fans and utilizing every available avenue. Not only an accomplished singer and songwriter, Hall is also skilled in playing the acoustic guitar, piano, classical violin, auto harp, and the ukulele.

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She is an advocate for intersectional feminism which in part was what inspired her latest music project Write Or Die.  Released in January, Scream of Consciousness is a collection of experimental rock & cosmic pop tunes with songs titled “Virginity” and “Wolves”. It is an EP that documents her journey over this past year, a time of loss and gain, of exploring feminism, sexuality and new endeavors.  It also tell the stories of female survivors of sexual assault (Hall actually interviewed many women for this music project). Write Or Die was a year in the making for Hall and her music partner, Chris Karriker. They recently added Ray Bell and Scott Dunbar to the band who performed their first ever, highly-anticipated live show on March 14th to an overcrowded venue at The Colony in Sacramento, CA, “Playing a first show, regardless of the project, is always a truly humbling experience. We were so honored with how many fans came out to launch us on this incredible journey”, says bassist Scott Dunbar.

Write Or Die band members Autumn Sky Hall and Chris Karriker.

Throughout her musical career, Hall has had dealt with many obstacles. As a woman in the music industry she found herself constantly having to prove her talent – often being asked to show her credentials, or made aware that her beauty was what attracted her audience initially.  Her advice to women who have experienced these struggles is to: “continue speaking up. One of the most important things you can do [as a woman] right now in life is to be as vocal as possible. If you have an opinion, you should state it. If there is something you are passionate about, you should defend it. Do the most that you can to share your personal experiences, because it teaches other people”, says Hall.

Hall and her band mates look forward to performing more in 2017. Write Or Die were recently nominated for a 2017 SAMMIE Award in the Electronica/Experimental Category. Hosted by Sacramento News & Review, the ceremony takes place on June 15 at the Ace of Spades in downtown Sacramento.

Listen to my interview with Autumn Sky Hall on my podcast HERE.

Below is the official video for the single, “Baby Girl” from the Scream of Consciousness EP: