By Myki Angeline

Maintaining a successful business is dependent upon many factors; providing a high-demand product or services, professionalism, consistency, dedication, a well-written plan, and key marketing and branding execution.  One way to ensure your success is having a Public Relations Consultant who can elevate your profits and credibility through solid branding and customer loyalty. It is in this field of expertise where PR Specialist Raquel Figlo shines. Visit her website at:

Based in the Los Angeles area, Raquel Figlo’s passion is creating brand awareness and customer loyalty for her clients. Founder of Raquel Figlo Public Relations, she has worked with a wide array of clientele from restaurant owners and night clubs, to musicians and comedians, receiving testimonials that praise her professionalism, creativity, and forward-thinking concepts. Her upbeat enthusiasm and genuine caring nature raise the bar in customer satisfaction. Raquel weaves together strategic publicity campaigns, influencer outreach, media pitching and popular social events to fashion a brand’s golden reputation.

She often speaks on panels, focusing on topics about the importance of media relations. In any industry, she believes it is about your connections and relationships you have with those connections. Raquel encourages others to rid yourself of labels and be whatever you want to be. Back in March, she spoke on the panel, “Ladies Take The Lead” on Business and Beauty, on how the right look can propel your business forward.

As a philanthropist, Raquel has joined the boards of the American Advertising Federation and the American Marketing Association, coordinating guest speaking engagements, and social events for both associations. She has fund-raised for local non-profits, planning and coordinating events, raising a substantial amount of funds for Surfrider, Mauli Ola, and Olive Crest Kids Foundation for six consecutive years. Raquel continues to work with nonprofits including March of Dimes and was an ambassador for the Women Like Us Foundation (WLUF), an organization that fights to give a voice to victims of sex trafficking, and violence against women.

Raquel’s work at the world famous Key Club in Hollywood as an Event Manager back in 2011 opened up journalism opportunities for her to connect with music publications Rock and Roll Industries Magazine,,, and She has interviewed some of the biggest names in rock music, and expanding her field to representing musicians.

Currently, she is working with a multitude of rock and metal bands, two of which are female-fronted bands – Blue Midnight and Tulip.

Justine Glazer of Blue Midnight. Photo by Alex Melgosia.

Blue Midnight is a dream metal band out of Los Angeles. Fronted by 23 year old Justine Glazer, she has made a name a herself in just two years of starting the band. With musical influences from Muse, Nightwish, Evanescence, and Korn, Blue Midnight made the Music Connections 100 Top Live Unsigned Bands of 2018, and just released their first original album Eternal Wish.

Another female-fronted band Raquel is currently working with is Tulip. Fronted by Ashleigh Semkiw, a trained opera singer of ten years, they are making their mark as a symphonic progressive metal band. The band formed just five months ago, and with the help of Raquel have already hit the front pages of metal websites including Heavy Metal Hill.

Raquel has brought her passion of building female communities and giving them a voice in an industry that is still mostly male-dominated. Through her conversations with industry folk, Raquel learned that even males are recognizing the inherent lack of female voices in the metal genre.  Raquel works hard to get her client’s talents recognized through networking, supporting the scene, and supporting other shows.

Raquel feels it is not about the battle of the sexes, but rather more focus on talent and giving a much-needed platform to females. She also represents David Silveria’s (ex-drummer of Korn) new band BIAS, who are making headlines all over the radio with their single “Pity”. BIAS was recently interviewed by OC Weekly for their upcoming show with Crazy Town. Her work with diverse bands gives Raquel the ability to link her clients together on the same bill. Both BIAS and Blue Midnight will perform together in Tarzana May 2019.

“As long as you have passion in what you do, you can be whatever you want to be.” says Raquel. “There should be nothing stopping you. I work all angles of my professional career in music and in business to make sure my clients gain the rockin’ results they deserve, and the rockin’ results I promise to deliver.”